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A focus of AHI Mpumalanga is to connect the High veld and Low veld with each other in order to stimulate Business in these areas.

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AHI Mupumalanga

Mpumalanga – "the place where the sun rises" – is a province with spectacular scenic beauty and an abundance of wildlife, lying in the northeast of South Africa.

Bordered by the countries of Mozambique and Swaziland to the east and the Gauteng to the west, it is situated mainly on the high plateau grasslands of the Middleveld, which roll eastwards for hundreds of kilometres. In the northeast, it rises towards mountain peaks and terminates in an immense escarpment. In places this escarpment plunges hundreds of metres down to the low-lying area known as the Lowveld.
In the eastern region lies the southern half of the magnificent Kruger National Park, a nature reserve teeming with African wildlife in a total area roughly the size of Israel. 

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Connects Business in the Mpumalanga 
Provincial meetings as well as the Provincial congress will be held to the benefit of the Business sector in Mpumalanga 
Entrepreneurship courses are being held to the benefit of new upcoming entrepreneurs.

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