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Feedback from Volksrust Seme Business Chamber - Affiliated to the AHI


Thursday 20 October we can consider and mark it on the calendar as the re-launch of the AHi South Africa.The AHi is a strong organisation with a legacy of almost 75 years where it supported Small, Micro and Medium organisations to grow and establish itself in the market.Recently the AHi started to look at its value proposition and to reposition itself for the future.

I am proud to say that after Thursday, I am looking forward to remain a part of this prestigious organisation.The AHi hosted nearly 180 guests at the yearly Conference.They addressed four topics during the Conference by means of panellist discussions.

The four topics were; The Political Landscape facilitated by Waldimar Pelser, Editor of Sunday newspaper the Rapport,

The Economic & Social Landscape facilitated by Theo Vorster from Galileo Capital,

Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Solutions facilitated by Kenneth van Sweeden from Telesure

and lastly Giving Back facilitated by Dr. Ernest Messina.

In these four discussions we learned about South Africa and its ever changing tapestry of people, politics and finances.

Summarizing these discussions will be close to impossible but in short we learned that the Political landscape is very unstable.The ANC is lost at sea, there is no real alternative yet for the majority of ANC-loyalist but even they are considering jumping ship.Dr. Matthews Phosa urged South African not to make violence there 12th official language, we only have 11, so let us engage in communication, communication and communication with each other.Furthermore two remarks by Prince Mashele that stood out for me is: 'We need business leaders to be activists & raise their voices about corruption & looting of state resources' as well as ' Business must not align itself with a corrupt government.'For Government to be corrupt there must be corrupt business people as well.

The second topic the message is sweet and short; Mr. Len Dekker from Len Dekker & Associates Attorneys throw down the gauntlet for Business chambers to: 'challenge local government to increase entrepreneurship.'

In third topic we touched on the idea that Entrepreneurs live their business.Entrepreneurship is 24/7/365 ala Mr. Ben Deysel, CEO of the Highway group.Entrepreneurship differs everywhere you go.No two businesses are exactly the same, not even franchises.The only common thread is hard work and perseverance.

The last topic almost had the audience in tears.We heard about wonderful work that is done by the likes of Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman from Gift of the Givers.Closer to home, Newcastle Teacher

Jo-any Champher is helping more than 200 children to receive extra classes in Maths in Madedeni and surrounding areas.Business is not only measured in profits and a nest egg, but more likely to be measured in your legacy.Your legacy is the only worthwhile thing to leave behind we you depart from earth.

I am not going to expand too much on the AGM except that it went well, and that we are faced with some serious challenges in terms of repositioning ourselves in the market and brace the economic head winds.

The Gala function the evening was one of glitz and glamour.

Except for a wonderful menu, we were treated by two very insightful people that evening.The one was Prof. Adam Habib Vice-Chancellor of WITS and the #Feesmustfall campaign currently in South Africa.He pressed it on our hearts that we should not back away from supporting the students and the Universities.Then very important we must not judge the situation.This discussion is long overdue, and we as South African ignored it for too long.

Then before we entered the last discussion we honoured business chambers that more than pulled their weight this past year.Here I would like to congratulate Newcastle Business Chamber for showing the best growth for a Business Chamber with less than 150 members.Under the leadership of Mr. NT Oosthuizen and Oom Japie, they have excelled.

The epitome of the evening was when we awarded Mr. Brand Pretorius from Mcarthy Group with the MS Louw trophee.In 14 minutes he rewired all of us to rethink what we thought we knew about leadership.In a very humble fashion he taught us that Leadership starts with you.He drew on his past experiences and shared his passion for people and the way we deal on a day-to-day basis with them.

Volksrust Seme Business Chamber is having there AGM in November, final dates will be communicated.We urge all business people to join hand with us, to make a difference in our Municipality.

Article provided by Volksrust Seme Business Chamber.Contact 017 735 1153 for more info.

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