About AHI

About the AHI

Core business:

The The AHI has been the voice of small businesses in South Africa for 74 Years. It supports a free-market approach to job creation through inclusive economic growth and ethical leadership. Members of the board are Bernard Swanepoel, Winda Austin-Loeve, Sipho Nkosi, and Dr Ernest Messina. “Together we create sustainable prosperity.”

Together we create sustainable prosperity.

The AHI unifies businesspeople and other role-players in the business environment by means of:
• Business Chambers
• Business Services
• Business Policy
• Business Development
• Business Sustainability

AHI Values
In pursuit of the vision and in the execution of the mission, the AHI is committed to the following values:
• Integrity
• Service Orientation
• Accountability
• Fairness
• Development Orientation
• Inclusivity


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